General Assembly



Ms. Vera Baboun Former first woman Mayor of Bethlehem
Dr. Ahmad Rahhal Dentist
Dr. Ali Al-Ramahi Cardiologist
Dr. Degol Hodali  Medical Doctor and Former director of Bethlehem Directorate of the Palestinian Ministry of Health
Dr. Fouad Bannoura Lecturer at Bethlehem University
Dr. Hiam Marzouqa Pediatrician, Medical Director At Caritas Baby Hospital
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Rmais Lecturer at Hebron University
Dr. Ivona Al-Amleh Psychiatrist - Palestinian Ministry of Health
Mr. Khaled Ayesh
Ms. Mariam Samara Awad Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and a lecturer at Bethlehem University
Mr. Michel Rahil Audiologist
Dr. Michael Sansour Executive President at Bethlehem University and a Clinical Psychologist 
Mr. Vladimair Kharoufe Contractor
Dr. Mohammad Thweib Lecturer at Al Quds Open University
Dr. Nael Abdel Rahman Lecturer at  Alquds Open University
Dr. Nidal Al-Hayek Pharmacist
Dr. Sahar Marzouqa Gynecologist
Mr. SamIh Sallam Director of the Neurology Sciences Center, Bethlehem
Dr. Samir Hazboun Economist - Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Bethlehem
Dr. Simon Al-Araj Lecturer at Birzeit University
Dr. Osama Manasra Lecturer at AlQuds Open University
Mr. Sami Mreweh Director of Hebron Governorate Office - Palestinian Ministry of Education