Partners and Donors

GTC Donors

MISEREOR German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation (

Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service (

Weltfriedensdienst e.V. (WFD) (

Otto per Mille

VIS – International Volunteer Service for Development/ Italian Cooperation (

World Vision International (

Kindermissionswerk - Germany (

Protestant Women Association of Austria EFA (

GTC Partners

Cooperation with Palestinian governmental and Non-govermental insitutions 

Mental health hospital and community mental health services related to the Ministry of Health: close cooperation with both organizations in terms of referral of patients to GTC and vise versa.

Ministry of Social Affairs - Bethlehem Directorate: referral of patients to GTC; strong support for mental health awareness, through the facilitation of the Child protection network in which the GTC is a member. Development of future work of interventions for children in orphanages in Bethlehem. 

Ministry of Education - Bethlehem Directorate – a MOU was signed with the Ministry of Education to provide access to governmental schools to ensure sustainably of the services provided like trainings of school counselors and follow up with students who are referred from schools to the GTC.

Universities in Bethlehem and East Jerusalem areas: Bethlehem University, with which the GTC started cooperation on research, in addition to Al-Quds University and Alquds open University  – however, main cooperation with universities was through student interns who get more in-depth knowledge on the services of the GTC and gain practical skills in intake taking, interventions for children with learning problems and developmental delays and better insight on basic counseling.

Creche and Dar Al Salam Orphanage: referral of orphans to the GTC for intervention and providing training for caregivers in Creche orphanage; specific project activities and future cooperation to improve the mental health of orphanages.

SOS Children’s Village: referral of children and parents (in fathers group); cooperates with the GTC in mental health awareness, especially through reproduction and dissemination of brochures and broadcast of radio spots about bullying in school, social phobia and sleep disorders. 

Churches and church affiliated organizations, in addition to referral of beneficiaries to the GTC, churches and related organizations provide the GTC with information on the needs of the Christian population in Bethlehem.

Salesian Technical School: providing training for teachers and group sessions for students, the Salesian provide partial scholarships for some beneficiaries who are referred by the GTC to take part of training programs at the school. 

Organizations working on Women and Children rights (Tam and DCI) these organizations provided workshops and trainings to project staff on referral system of battered women and child rights related to the new juvenile law in Palestine.