Our research



Led by the Guidance and Training Center’s Clinical Director Dr. Caesar Hakim, the GTC’s research team includes local and international researchers from a range of disciplines including Psychology, Social Work, Social Science, International Development, Human Rights and Global Health.

The goal of the Guidance and Training Center’s research unit is to support the development of research, knowledge exchange and innovation in order to address key threats to the sustainability of health and well being in the world.

We aim to make progress on the global effort to address UN Global Goals and Sustainable Development Goals, as well as Palestine’s National Health Strategy. This includes supporting access to inclusive and equitable education, reduction of conflict, promotion of peace, justice and humanitarian support, reduction of inequality including disability rights and gender inequality.


The Guidance and Training Center networks and partners with a range of affiliates worldwide. We believe that interdisciplinary partnerships and the combination of perspectives can help us to identify key areas for research, build local and international capacity and generate new ideas and innovative approaches to global challenges.

In recent years, our cooperation has included a number of research institutions, governmental and civil society organizations from Palestine, Europe, the United States and the Arab World.